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img_teamRelief to your IRS problem is available today from a local licensed IRS Problem Solving Professional. At BlackFin®, this means a real live, local, ethical professional will meet with you Face-to-Face, look you in the eye and shake your hand.

BlackFin® IRS Solutions is a professional community of local licensed IRS Problem Solvers who will meet with you Face-to-Face to create a custom solution to your personal IRS problem. This is all we do. We are local. We know Colorado and we specialize in making sure that our clients have a say in the solution to their IRS problems. BlackFin® Professionals have the experience and education to work with each individual or businesses on their specific IRS problems and pursue the best possible resolution.

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Contractor Davis H. came to our office with IRS penalties that totaled over $57,119. We were able to contact the IRS and abate all these penalties for him. In Davis’s own words “Getting rid of that huge IRS penalty allowed me to stay in business.”

—Davis H.

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